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Body Treatments

Facial skin isn't the only area that needs exfoliation and moisturizing. 

At the Avondale Spa we provide a variety of skin treatments for the entire body, including body polishes, body wraps and several deep moisturizing treatments with aromatherapy. 

These treatments improve circulation, exfoliate and hydrate the skin.

 The treatment starts as the body is scrubbed to slough dead skin cells and smooth out the skin, and then moisturizers  are massaged into the skin for hydration. Sugar & salt scrubs are the most common body polishes, our therapists use custom scrubs from our apothecary section specially blended of sugar or salt for exfoliation. A polish is often the first step in a body-wrap treatment or can be a stand alone treatment. After the body has been exfoliated, it's then wrapped in either seaweed or mud to help extract impurities from the skin and improve overall skin texture. After removing the wrap, you are treated to a hot towel aromatherapy for removal and then we will apply moisturizer that leaves your body feeling delightfully hydrated.

Sugar - Salt 

  Mud & Minerals 

If you would like to add on a facial or massage with your body treatment, we would be more then appy to assist you!

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Body Polish Treatment


45 Min.

This deeply hydrating body polish begins with a quick dry brushing of the entire body to awaken and stimulate your lymphatic system while removing loose dead skin cells. 

The polish is then applied, consisting of several nurturing skin oils blended to create a sugar oil paste used to slough off dead skin while deeply hydrating and treating rough dry patches and uneven skin texture. This leaves the skin smooth & glowing. Finishing with a luxurious body balm.

Our therapists pamper your full body while Skillfully draping and maintiaining your privacy. 

Skillfully mixed & applied.

This is an essential treatment ito include in your skin care routine to maintain soft, smooth glowing healthy skin.

Body Wrap Treatment


45 Min.

Our Body wraps begins with a quick dry brushing of the entire body to awaken and stimulate your lymphatic system while removing loose dead skin cells. 

The Avondale Spa offers several nourishing body wraps consisting of detoxification, firming, hydrating & healing properties.

 Wrapped up in luxury for 30 minutes of peaceful bliss, a fruit enzyme peel is a great add on!.

 Finishing  with a luxurious body balm.

 This treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite and encourages healthy glowing, detoxed & firmer skin.

Our therapists pamper your full body while skillfully draping and maintaining your privacy.

Skillfully mixed & applied. 

This treatment draws out impurities while infusing your skin with antioxidants, minerals and hydration.

 Resulting in smooth nourished skin. 

We recommenced them at least once a season.

Body Polish & Wrap


90 Min.

The ultimate body treatment that combines both our polish protocol & our body wrap treatment. 

Its amazing.

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